biofarmakaIn this Agroedutourism rides we can be creative while learning about agriculture. There are lots of objects that can be visited in Agroedutourism, including:
– Experiment Garden Cikabayan
– Installation of Medicinal Plant Gardens Biofarmaka
– Teaching Farm
Insect Museum
Tissue Culture, Plant Biotechnology
– Creation of Ornamental Plants Hydrogell
– Faculty of Animal Husbandry
Paper Recycling (Recycle Paper)
– Forest Outbond
– F-Technopark
– Landscape Garden Design
– Fish Production Unit
– Swimming Trial Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences
– Creation Dolls Horta
– Breeding Butterflies
– Biopharmaca Research Centre

for reservations and further information, please contact us at:
Secretariat Agroedutourism IPB
Directorate of Business Development
Gd. Andi Hakim Nasution Lt.1
Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor 16680


CP: Fiona (0856-880-7706)

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