The period of the first five to six years in the life of a human being is a period in which physical and motor development, intellectual and social progress with so rapidly that it is often concluded that the extent of this period determines the entire future of a child.

Departing from this understanding, Agriananda Daycare Daycare an institution where parents can entrust their children in foster care for and educated. The programs are designed to spur the growth process of children optimally.

Daycare Agriananda also helped lay the foundations of education towards the development of attitudes, knowledge, skills, and creativity required of the students in adjusting to the environment, as well as to control further growth and development with specific objectives:

1.Increase public awareness of the importance of early childhood education.

2. Provide educational services integrated with health care services for early childhood.

3. Provide facilities learning environment for young children to develop all aspects of development to the fullest.



Bogor Agricultural University, Jl. Palem No. 4 Dramaga, Bogor

Telp. 0251 – 8621533