Agrimart founded with a vision to become a marketing agencies that play a role in fostering entrepreneurship academic community and increased revenue IPB. Mission carried by agrimart is 1) Running business activities in a professional manner so that it becomes a profitable business unit, 2) Maintaining and developing the continuity of production Units Academic related businesses and 3) Implement promotional efforts for products of IPB. So expect Agrimart will be the One Stop Shopping Means superior product IPB. The entire management AGRIMART be controlled and IPB policy, both in terms of human resources, financial management and selection of product types.

At the age of three in 2009 Agrimart has been much progress compared to previous years. AGRIMART financial performance is largely determined by the amount of sales turnover. Given that the main consumers are the students dormitory AGRIMART and IPB academicians in general, the fluctuations in the presence of students on campus is a factor that greatly affects the reception AGRIMART.

In 2008-2009 SUP Agrimart an increase in turnover is quite high. The average monthly sales increased by 15.35% and profit Agrimart business also increased by 39.93% compared to 2008. The increase in profits and turnover Agrimart must not be separated from Agrimart performance improvement during 2009.