Resto & Cafe Garden Collection is located in the Campus IPB Baranangsiang, caterers and beverage facilities by presenting a varied menu of traditional themed, national or international, managed to meet the desires of consumers.

The main goal of Resto & Café Taman This collection is to provide dining options for consumers where the IPB Academic Business Unit can deliver various types of products. Resto & Cafe Garden Collection is also one choice as a “meeting point” in the middle of the city of Bogor, with the atmosphere of the “green” trees – trees that shade. Committed to improving the quality of food and drink healthy but tasty, and the service friendly so increase the “perceived value” for consumers. Variations in available food menu is also expected to meet the desires of consumers. With the passage of restaurant business is expected to be used for SUA to distribute various types of products such as vegetables, meat, yogurt, fish and others.

Baranangsiang IPB Campus, Jalan Raya Bogor Pajajaran

Ph. + 62-251-8377665

Fax. + 62-251-8377665