About DIT PB

Job and Authority

Draft and develop activities IPB resource management and science and technology in relation to business development and partnership with the government, private sector and society in general.

As the units that make up the concept and master plan for business development and partnerships
As the units that make up SOP expertise-based business activities in the department and center
As a unit that develops networking and business partnerships with stakeholders
Sebagau units that make up the concept of monitoring and evaluation mechanism for the distribution of profits / benefits / results to individuals and institutions
As the unit is developing a strategic partnership system (pioneered and coordinate strategic partnerships, scanning the external partnership in the context of “continuous quality improvement” areas of partnership) IPB with other agencies.
As a unit which develops the ability entrepreuneurship and auxiliary ventures IPB


Dr. Ir. Yusli Wardiatno, M.Sc

Deputy Director of Planning and Business Development
Dr. DVM. Chusnul Choliq, MS., MM

Deputy Director Business Control
Dr.Ir. Heri Ahmad Sukria, M.Sc.Agr


Gedung Andi Hakim Nasution Lt. 1, Kampus IPB Dramaga Bogor
Telp. 0251-8622642 ext. 210, 8624670, Fax. 0251-8622708
Website : http://ditbk.ipb.ac.id
Email : ditpb@ipb.ac.id atau ditpb@apps.ipb.ac.id